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De Jong Attractors   JavaScript   Generative Art
Generating art with mathematics using HTML canvas and JavaScript

My experiences in building a static site generator   Node.js   JavaScript
How an opinionated static site generator focussed on website performance came to power this site

ember-pickr   EmberJS
An EmberJS color picker addon that wraps Pickr, and works without jQuery

Spotting rockets launched by ISRO   General
A tale of how we ended up finding the best place to spot rockets launched from Sriharikota

Render the scene and not the universe   EmberJS
Cutting down rendering performance in Ember

Eagerly prefetching a route's models to make apps faster   EmberJS
Improving perceived performance in Ember Apps

Shipping EmberJS bundles based on the user's browser   EmberJS   Build
A way to stop sending transpiled code to evergreen browsers with EmberJS