I am Siva.

I currently work as a Front End Engineer at Zoho. I primarily build applications with EmberJS at work. I help in increasing the performance of our webapps by coming up with novel strategies and looking out for memory leaks and educating the team of ways to avoid them. I also work on building internal frameworks and tools that are used by other developers of the team.

Outside of work, I am very interested in travelling and astronomy. Whenever possible, I head out on exploratory treks, to places that have not been trekked before. These days, I have kind of run out of such places and as a result, I have started backpacking to offbeat places.

I run the Chennai Astronomy Club, and we head out to some really rural places whenever the weather permits to observe the heavens. We also do outreaches for schools and orphanages and you can get in touch if you would like to suggest a place to conduct an outreach.

You can find me on Twitter and Github.