Migrating to Netlify from Github Pages   General
Faster TTFB with zero downtime

maestro, a Z Shell theme   Tooling
My attempt at learning how theming works in shells.

ember-line-graph   EmberJS
A tiny(1.74kb gzipped), zero-dependency ember-addon to draw line-charts.

paste-clean-diff   Tooling
A VSCode extension to paste Git diff without the plus and minus signs

ember-display-in-browser   EmberJS
An Ember addon to display browser specific content

niram   React   Javascript
Extract colors from an image

rotate-image   Javascript   Node
Rotates an image by n degrees using node-canvas

gifvid   Tooling
Converts a GIF to an MP4 using ffmpeg

Bootstrap migration at scale for fast paced teams   Bootstrap   Ideas
An approach to lazily migrate Bootstrap at scale for busy teams.

Device Mockup Generator   Javascript   Node   Puppeteer
Generating device mockups with Chrome Headless.

Scaling Gulp   Gulp   Node   Tooling
How Gulp can be (re)used for very large projects


Reducing rebuild time with Broccoli Caching Writer   EmberJS   Tooling   Build
How using proper configuration can cut unnecessary rebuild time


Trek to the Annapurna Base Camp   Travel
A week long trek in Nepal to the Annapurna Base Camp.


emogif   Javascript   Chrome Extension
A GIF for every emotion.

The stream of life   General
How I learnt life lessons in the mountains and found myself.

A coder's tribute to the country   Python   Flask   Twitter   MongoDB   Redis
A real time Twitter streamer to celebrate India's independence day

Moving to AWS. The journey.   Python   Flask   AWS   General
How I redesigned my site with Flask and moved it to AWS.

Browser History Analyser   Python   matplotlib
Fetch your most visited sites and plot a graph.

IPL Flask   Python   Flask
A simple Flask application to fetch and display cricket scores.

A wonderful start to 2015   General
Hackathons, conferences, coding, astronomy and more

Hexa Clock   Javascript
A simple Javascript clock that changes its background color with each passing second.


BirthdayPy   Python   GraphAPI   Facebook
A Python bot to like and reply to birthday wishes on Facebook

Weather Forecast   Javascript
A Javascript based webapp to fetch your location using the W3C Geolocation API and display relevant weather data.

Scraping heavens-above.com for ISS passes   Python   mechanize
A Python based crawler to fetch and display Internation Space Station pass details for your location

Facebook friends heatmap   Python   GraphAPI   Javascript
A Graph API based Python script to plot your friends' locations as a heatmap.

The heatmap addiction   Python   Javascript   Google Maps
Heatmaps are addictive. Water pollution levels from the Open Data Portal of India, earthquakes and more.

Making a Siri alternative   Python   SL4A
Because we all love Siri!

IRCTC redefines CAPTCHA   General   IRCTC
Apparently, IRCTC does not know what CAPTCHA is.

On a mission to Valparai   PHP   MySQL
A project that I did for the people of Valparai. Memories worth cherishing.