ember-pickr   EmberJS
An EmberJS color picker addon that wraps Pickr, and works without jQuery

Render the scene and not the universe   EmberJS
Cutting down rendering performance in Ember

Eagerly prefetching a route's models to make apps faster   EmberJS
Improving perceived performance in Ember Apps

Shipping EmberJS bundles based on the user's browser   EmberJS   Build
A way to stop sending transpiled code to evergreen browsers with EmberJS

ember-line-graph   EmberJS
A tiny(1.74kb gzipped), zero-dependency ember-addon to draw line-charts.

ember-display-in-browser   EmberJS
An Ember addon to display browser specific content

Reducing rebuild time with Broccoli Caching Writer   EmberJS   Tooling   Build
How using proper configuration can cut unnecessary rebuild time