Posts tagged Javascript
niram   React   Javascript
Extract colors from an image
rotate-image   Javascript   Node
Rotates an image by n degrees using node-canvas
Device Mockup Generator   Javascript   Node   Puppeteer
Generating device mockups with Chrome Headless.
emogif   Javascript   Chrome Extension
A GIF for every emotion.
Hexa Clock   Javascript
A simple Javascript clock that changes its background color with each passing second.
Weather Forecast   Javascript
A Javascript based webapp to fetch your location using the W3C Geolocation API and display relevant weather data.
Facebook friends heatmap   Python   GraphAPI   Javascript
A Graph API based Python script to plot your friends' locations as a heatmap.
The heatmap addiction   Python   Javascript   Google Maps
Heatmaps are addictive. Water pollution levels from the Open Data Portal of India, earthquakes and more.