A coder's tribute to the country   Python   Flask   Twitter   MongoDB   Redis
A real time Twitter streamer to celebrate India's independence day

Moving to AWS. The journey.   Python   Flask   AWS   General
How I redesigned my site with Flask and moved it to AWS.

Browser History Analyser   Python   matplotlib
Fetch your most visited sites and plot a graph.

IPL Flask   Python   Flask
A simple Flask application to fetch and display cricket scores.

BirthdayPy   Python   GraphAPI   Facebook
A Python bot to like and reply to birthday wishes on Facebook

Scraping heavens-above.com for ISS passes   Python   mechanize
A Python based crawler to fetch and display Internation Space Station pass details for your location

Facebook friends heatmap   Python   GraphAPI   Javascript
A Graph API based Python script to plot your friends' locations as a heatmap.

The heatmap addiction   Python   Javascript   Google Maps
Heatmaps are addictive. Water pollution levels from the Open Data Portal of India, earthquakes and more.

Making a Siri alternative   Python   SL4A
Because we all love Siri!